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What Hospice Means
A painting of Roman myth: the gods testing a village's hospitality
"Hospice" comes from the Latin word for hospitality, hospitium: a word describing the practice of extending warmth and courtesy to guests such as travelers who had fallen ill or otherwise needed a place to stay. To ancient Greeks and Romans, this hospitality was more than good manners; it was a calling based on human dignity and faith which could not be denied.

We too cannot deny this calling. We provide a dedicated team of healthcare professionals and caregivers who deliver ongoing support for both patient and family in familiar surroundings and provide the warmth and courtesy our patients deserve.

Help for Health Hospice is Fremont County's only non-profit and locally-run hospice. Our work focuses on supporting Fremont County clients and communities. We provide exceptional levels of comprehensive and personalized care. Help for Health provides comfort and pain management for our patients. Our hospice care can be provided in the community, providing care in our patients' own homes, assisted-living facilities, and long-term care facilities, or it can be provided in our very own hospice home.
Hospice is specialized care designed to provide comfort and support for individuals with terminal illnesses. Hospice seeks to ease pain and symptoms so patients' remaining time may be spent with dignity. Hospice cares for patients with a life-limiting illnesses. Our services can be provided in the patient's home, Help for Health's in-patient hospice home, in long-term care, or in an assisted living facility.

Hospice neither hastens nor postpones a person's death. Pain management and relief of symptoms such as shortness of breath, diarrhea, constipation, and nausea are its primary goals. We also consider emotional and spiritual needs as significant as physical pain. Addressing all of these concerns is the core goal of hospice care.
A hospice nurse checking a patient's breathing
The cover of Help for Health's packet on common questions about hospice
The gardens of Help for Health's hospice home
Have more questions?

Take a look inside our informational packet, all about hospice care, its benefits, how
s provided, how it's paid for,
and what it can do for you!
Our hospice home is the only dedicated hospice facility in the county and it's our pride and joy;
come see why!

“Thank you all of you for caring for our loved one.

Every act of kindness was appreciated so much."

-Fike Family 


“To all the staff,

Thank you for taking such great care of our loved one.

You are amazing! We greatly appreciate

your kindness at this time.”       

-Beck Family

“Our family appreciated all the help and caring hearts that you all have. We are grateful that you have chosen a profession that helped our loved one during his end-of-life process. You have consoled us and guided us in dealing with the end of life for our loved one. He was glad to be there and was happy that you were all caring and have loving hearts.”    

-Black Family

“The staff was so helpful, knowledgeable, kind, approachable, just caring and wonderful. My momma had the best care. Thank you.”       


“We so appreciate the kind loving care. You are so generous in giving to loved ones at the end of life."

-Laurence Family


“You make a difference. Many thanks for your kind and compassionate care of our mother,

during her final days.”

-Angier Family

"The compassion and sensitivity you showed our mother at the end of her life is something we will never forget.

Thank you for the comfort you gave mom, as well as the wonderful insights, knowledge, and emotional support

you showed our entire family. Your wisdom and comfort helped us navigate this challenging time.

Thank you so much for all you're doing!"

-Carruths, Hutchisons, and Leonhardts Families


“Thanks to all of you for the love & care you gave to my brother. You are all truly caring individuals. Our town is so blessed to have you.”       


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